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Gain health and wellness of member population through HCL’s personalized, scalable, multi-channel, multi-lingual, cost-effective Member Engagement Program.

Chronic conditions contribute to the rise in healthcare costs and the need to better manage health of the population. Payers are in the right position to influence the battle against rising costs and deteriorating health as they are the entity that connects the patient with the providers. They can do this through innovative models of care delivery like personalized population health management.

Currently, therapy adherence is a major pain area affecting all key stakeholders in the healthcare ecosystem. The lack of therapy adherence leads to suboptimum levels of control, frequent emergency visits, hospitalization and invasive procedures all of which lead to a heavy increase in treatment cost and even result in deaths.

Innovative approaches to population health management – like offering personalized intervention plans to participants of a chronic disease management program – will help the payer in maintaining their customer centric approach while enabling them to differentiate their services from a payer offering traditional care management plans. Payers can improve the health & wellness of their member population by utilizing HCL’s integrated health management solution – Member Engagement Program (MEP).

HCL’s MEP aims to enhance the quality of life for members with chronic conditions like diabetes, asthma/COPD, hypertension, dyslipidaemia etc. through member education about therapy adherence, lifestyle and behavioral modifications, drug compliance, regular monitoring, individualized action plans and frequent physician consultation. This member centric approach results in healthier outcomes and enhanced quality of life.

The MEP solution is an integrated offering from HCL with bundled business services and segmentation approach to create tailor made interventions that enable the care providers (care counselors) to:

  • Help the members get a clear understanding of their chronic condition
  • Ensure focus on adherence to prescribed therapy
  • Ensure members actively participate in managing their condition

The key benefit of the program is its ability to deliver on the outcomes. Patient centric metrics like biochemical, clinical and utilization data are collected as a part of the MEP program. Various parametric and non-parametric tests are applied to evaluate improvement in biochemical, clinical and behavioral parameters from baseline to program exit. Apart from the clinical outcomes, therapy adherence, member satisfaction towards care, quality of life improvement and healthcare utilization costs are also evaluated by using appropriate statistical tools.

HCL through the MEP brings metrics and analytics based personalized intervention programs that drive therapy adherence and health improvement. Our clients are continuously evaluating the success of the program based on the improved outcomes they have achieved. Physicians today utilize these analytics to stratify their patients in terms of predicted risk levels and provide customized therapy modifications or educational sessions on a real time basis. Patients and care providers are provided visual progress reports to enhance their confidence to manage their chronic conditions and their self-management skills which ultimately boosts their morale, attitude and behavior towards better quality of life.

As seen below, HCL’s MEP has successfully enhanced the quality of life for patients with diabetes through increased therapy adherence, diet planning, lifestyle modifications, drug compliance, regular monitoring and frequent physician consultation.

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