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MAD JAM Finale

Big Data & Analytics

Expert business analytics services that connect businesses, platforms & stakeholders across the global digital eco-system and address the entire data lifecycle, from ingestion to insight

S. No.
Challenge Descripton
Action Items
Create a real-time reporting and analytics solution for Big Data Platform.
Develop a Cognitive Computing and Analytics solution to fetch information and decode unstructured data.
Develop a sales and revenue forecast solution using Analytics.
Create a persona-based visual intelligence solution.


Cloud computing @HCL, represents a disruptive trend helping enterprises meet their day-to-day computing requirements. HCL has emerged as a transformation partner for Medium and large enterprises which envision a digital future in the cloud computing space. Characterized with unmatched capabilities and competencies, we ensure a game-changing customer experience. HCL's cloud computing services, focuses on thought leadership, competencies, and domain solutions in the cloud. As a platinum member of Cloud Security Alliance and as a working group member in Cloud Computing Panel at World Economic Forum, HCL lays down a strategic business-oriented cloud adoption roadmap for its clients.

S. No.
Challenge Descripton
Action Items
Create a Cloud Migration Consultant.
Develop a Cloud solution framework for compliance and regulations like General Data Protection Regulation GDPR.

Cyber Security

HCL has transformed the security portfolio to provide customers with comprehensive capabilities against cyber-threats and cyber-attacks with products like Advanced Threat Protection, Data Security and Cloud Security solutions from the Symantec portfolio. As of 2016, HCL company has 1700+ Security Consultants, has 200+ Active Client Relationships and it has completed more than 300 Projects in cyber security domain

S. No.
Challenge Descripton
Action Items
Create an endpoint cyber security solution.
Develop an identity and access management solution.


DRYiCE brings the power of automation in both turnkey and bespoke modes – for standard environments where it can be used in plug-n-play mode, or in nonstandard, complex, and legacy environments where different modules can be configured and reengineered and made to work seamlessly with existing infrastructure and applications. The 40+ modules of DRYiCE combine some of the world’s best Automation and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology with HCL proprietary AI and Machine Learning (ML) modules which are in use in more than thirty active implementations. DRYiCE is the most comprehensive Autonomics & Orchestration platform available currently.

S. No.
Challenge Descripton
Action Items
Create a vertical solution framework for DRYiCE to simplify real-time adoption of AI/ automated systems.


HCL, a pioneer in GRC solutions, provides strategic insights and advisory services to surmount enterprise level compliance risk challenges. We have developed a unique industry specific portfolio, fueled by relevant experience and expertise in the technology and business domain. Our differentiated solutions have enabled clients reduce exposure while improving governance risk management. Our services are heavily focused on process & technology alignment and can be tailored as per industry verticals and geographic spread, allowing organizations to assert more control over complex and ever changing risk & compliance dynamics.

S. No.
Challenge Descripton
Action Items
Create a PII Data Discovery Solution.


The Internet of Things IoT WoRKS is the network of physical objects called "things" embedded with electronics, software, sensors, and network connectivity, which enables these things to collect and exchange data. The real value that the Internet of Things creates is at the intersection of gathering data from things and leveraging it. Cloud-based applications are the key to using leveraged data. The Internet of Things doesn't function without cloud-based applications to interpret and transmit the data coming from all these sensors. The cloud is what enables the apps to go to work for you anytime, anywhere.

S. No.
Challenge Descripton
Action Items
Create an AR-based Remote Maintenance Assistance.
Develop an IoT WoRKS-based Warranty Management Solution.
Create an IoT WoRKS enabled Predictive Quality and Analytics Solution for the manufacturing industry.

Modern Applications

The Digital Platforms & Applications unit brings to the table, more than 15 years of deep experience in designing and implementing API-first, modular, open, light, highly-available, and business-ready platforms across all major industries and domains. Our application modernization services ensure that the digital transformation journey continues to evolve with rapid changes in the markets and technologies. Our integrated approach for and strong track record have enabled us to achieve the coveted "Leader" rating by IDC for Worldwide Application Modernization Services for Digital Transformation.

S. No.
Challenge Descripton
Action Items
Create a solution to track and monitor organization-wide digital investments in aligning towards a holistic goal.
Develop microservices using .NET platform and address usual concerns for a microservices architecture.
Integrating chat bots into videos and other new age communication formats to enhance customer engagement, improvise customer relationship and opportunities for return business.
Develop a self-healing, self-testing, and self-improving software solution.

Rules and Regulations

  • Participation in MAD JAM Season 7 will be at the sole discretion of the MAD JAM Program Team and individual Service units – their decision shall be deemed final in every matter of concern.
  • Solution entries will be accepted via MAD JAM portal only.
  • Each ideapreneur can attempt any number of solutions across any challenges/Service units.
  • Each solution can be an individual submission or as a team – with a maximum of 4 ideapreneurs per team.
  • All dates are final and binding, until and unless the program team extends or amends the timelines for individual stages. Any entries received before the opening and after the closing of the competition will be deemed invalid.
  • Incomplete ideas will be deemed invalid – all fields are mandatory and should be as detailed as possible.
  • Final solutions, including the winning solutions, will be the sole proprietorship of HCL Technologies.
  • The solutions can be augmented, appended or amended as per business need of individual clients or implementations.
  • The winners for individual campaigns as part of MAD JAM Season 7 will be notified within a minimum of 3 working days.
  • Validity of claim on prizes/goodies/vouchers/any other giveaway as part of individual campaign/competition is of two calendar weeks from the date of notification.
  • Goodies/ vouchers are subject to availability, non-transferable and there are no cash alternatives.
  • MAD JAM Program Team owns all rights of selection, dissemination and identification of rightful winners basis the individual parameters, which may or may not be disclosed as per the business requirement and sensitivity.
  • SLA for response on queries is of 2 working days.
*For any queries on the process flow, please write to us at


  • About MAD JAM
  • MAD JAM Process
  • Entry Validation & Rating
  • Service Unit Events
  • Film Creation & Voting
  • MAD JAM Finale


MAD JAM, or the Make A Difference Jamboree, is driven by the vibrant idea-led culture at HCL—the culture of Ideapreneurship™, where ideas are seeded, nurtured, and harvested; and every employee is an idea-led entrepreneur and/or intrapreneur, in other words, an ideapreneur. This future-facing growth engine of HCL has, for this season, been aligned to our business strategy. The platform has been reconfigured to make our MODE 2 business lines ready for the markets of the future. This season, the collective creative strength of our ideapreneurs will seek to find the best solutions for the business challenges of tomorrow foreseen by our MODE 2 business units.

MAD JAM Process

Entry Validation & Rating:

Entry Validation
Once we receive your solution form, the MAD JAM team will validate it as per the information provided in the solution submission form (mandatory and optional). Qualified ideas will be sorted according to each service unit and shared with respective panelists for evaluation.

Solution rating by panelists:

  1. Panelists will be provided a rating sheet containing all solutions for their particular service unit.
  2. Panelists are chosen by respective service unit heads.
  3. Corresponding to each solution entry, the rating sheet has a set of clearly defined parameters, each with their unique rating scale and associated guidelines**.
  4. Evaluation parameters are as follows:
    • Solution Efficacy (Weightage 30 %)
    • Business Relevance (Weightage 40 %)
    • Innovative outlook towards solution (Weightage 10%)
    • Articulation (Weightage 20%)
  5. Each solution is carefully evaluated across these parameters and rated accordingly.
  6. Basis the panelist ratings, a score (out of 100), is calculated.
  7. Top 7 solutions per challenge will be selected basis this score.
  8. These shortlisted solutions are featured in the service unit events in the form of 10-minute presentation pitches to service unit Heads and Judges.

** The rating can differ in different challenges

Service Unit Events:

  • Shortlisted solution teams present their idea in the form of a sales pitch, clearly defining the challenge solution, customer pain points, revenue/savings generated, road map for next 2-3 financial years and prospecting clientele.
  • Judges and service unit heads go through all shortlisted solution presentations and evaluate each idea for their current and potential business value for HCL and their applicability to not just their line of business but other domains as well.
  • The qualifying shortlisted solution of each challenge for each service unit at the event will be at the sole discretion of the judges and service unit heads/ nominated panelist. Also, the MAD- Solution Score achieved by each solution giving individual /team will be taken into consideration for final evaluation.

Film Creation & Voting:

Film Creation
Solutions shortlisted after MAD JAM service unit events will now be converted into easy to understand solution films. The solution films are created after detailed discussions with the solution giving individual / teams and their final sign off. The film is structured in such a way that it covers:

  • The business challenge which created the need for development of the solution
  • The solution itself and how it was different from other offerings in the industry
  • Impact of the solution for HCL and customers (current and potential)
  • How their solution is better than others

These films will then be put to vote for all HCL ideapreneurs through the Intranet portal at HCL (MyHCL). These MAD solution films will be available for viewing on the My HCL home page/ i-Assist. Clicking on the banners with the idea names under the opinion poll will direct you to the idea film for that particular idea. The solution which receives the maximum votes will be declared the winner for that particular challenge. The winner of voting phase is decided solely on the democratic voting done by HCL employees in this phase.

MAD JAM Finale:

The Finale is a platform where all the winning teams chosen after the voting phase will get together and present their solutions to the jury which comprises of HCL senior leadership including CHRO, CEO and external industry stalwarts to judge and go through the solution presentations in detail. These solution teams are already the winners for their challenges, and the best 1 amongst them is chosen at the event and facilitation of all winners take place.

The event also provides an enriching experience to the Innovators with sessions on Innovation, Business problem articulation etc. from senior leaders in HCL.

Big Data & Analytics

Develop a sales and revenue forecast solution using Analytics.